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Custom fragrance is the perfect entertainment or gift option for corporate events. It’s engaging, informative and fun. Guests often compare it to a wine tasting.

All the action is centered around the interactive Fragrance Bar, where guests sample a broad array of blends. The best part is that everyone leaves with a fantastic gift, their own custom fragrance.

I can’t even tell you how many compliments we received on the fragrance bar. Over 250 guests too. Wow!
— Andrew (Event Planner)
It’s so interactive, plus everyone goes home with a gift.
— Andrea (Event Planner)

Couples Love It

I don’t know what it is, but the Scent Bar is always a big hit with couples.
— Esther (Event Planner)

We Can Set Up Anywhere

Pastiche can literally set up the bar anywhere. And it is always beautiful.
— Polly (Event Planner)

We Also Do Sit-Down Events

In addition to our walk-up Scent Bar, we’re also happy to conduct seated events as well.

Typically these events last 90 - 120 minutes. Each event is led by a trained Fragrance Designer. Typically, the Designer will educate the group on the fragrance industry (e.g., what’s a Master Perfumer?). Then, the Designer will lead everyone through the sampling and fragrance design process together.

It’s a fabulous group activity, perfect for spousal and team-building events.

Corporate Perfume Party
Custom Fragrance is Perfect for Corporate Events
What a fun team-building activity. Plus everyone takes home a gift.
— Daniel (Event Planner)

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