Custom Scent Bar by Pastiche
The fragrance bar was a huge hit. What a fresh, new concept.
— Debra (Event Planner)
I had no idea it would be so easy and fun to design my own fragrance.
— Rebecca (Guest)
Pastiche is so professional and flexible. I needed to make a last-minute change to the agenda and they handled it flawlessly.
— Amy (Wedding Planner)
So much fun. And so unique. I get invited to a lot of spousal events. You can only do so many wine tastings.
— Gina (Guest)
Clients always ask us to find great “walk-up” entertainment for receptions. The fragrance bar is so easy. Plus it is a hit with both men and women.
— Jordan (Event Planner)
I’m not a huge “fragrance” person, so I loved having the opportunity to design a custom scent for my girlfriend instead. It was nice to be able to bring a present home from this event for her.
— Ramon (Guest)
I’m always getting complimented on my fragrance. I love telling people I designed it myself at a Bridal Shower.
— Stephanie (Guest)
I love that Pastiche can set up their fragrance bar literally anywhere. We’ve used them at trade shows, restaurants and even on a boat.
— Mila (Event Planner)
Our company thought this was a blast. Employees still talk about it. Every time one of them wears their scent, it reminds them of a great event.
— Alex (Guest)
Dana is amazing. So personable and fun. Her background is in the fragrance industry, so she is able to share great insights.
— Charles (Event Planner)

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