Do you make fragrances for men?

Absolutely.  We make custom colognes as well as perfumes.  Our Fragrance Bar even includes a Barrel-Aged Bourbon blend.

What do you charge?

We charge on a per person basis, starting at $22 plus tax.  We do have minimum requirements for event size, so contact us for more information.

Are you available in my area?

We are based in San Diego but service the entire continental United States and Canada. We have trained Fragrance Designers in many regions. If we don't have one in your region, we will travel to events. 

How big an event can you handle?

For our walk-up booth format, there really is no limit.  We add additional stations for especially large crowds.

For our sit-down format, we can go as large as a big wedding.  For this type of format, we'd require a microphone and would bring a team of assistants to facilitate table-specific activity.

How long are your events?

Sit-down events typically run 90 to 120 minutes.

Walk-up booths can be scheduled for any amount of time.  Guests sample and create their fragrance individually or in small groups, a process that takes 5 - 10 minutes for each.

All events include sampling, designing and blending of a custom fragrance.

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